Basic Aadhaar Check

Product Description

This API helps you to verify the identity of your users by asking them to upload the necessary Aadhaar documents or just a snap of their Aadhaar card.

The API uses our Aadhaar XML looks up the UIDAI database, verifies the details provided by the person and returns you with his/her authentication results.


Getaway with the current tedious document submission and approval system by digitising the entire process, resulting in faster and better customer experience than before. Also, get easy access control without even carrying any card.


This API can be used in such situations –

  • Digitisation of identity verification at airport check-ins can make the process faster and hassle-free for both the passengers and airport authority.
  • Identity verification for registration of candidates for examinations.
  • Identity verification system at educational, government institutions etc.
  • Identity verification for entry at various buildings, premises etc.


The process is simple to understand and perform –

  • Upload Aadhaar documents or a snap of the Aadhaar card.
  • Response: Authentication result.

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