Pan Verification

Product Description

Our PAN verification API allows you to validate onboarding Aadhaar verified users by asking them to upload their 10-digit alphanumeric PAN number or taking a snap of their PAN Card.

The API checks the validity of the PAN number and the name associated with it, thus eliminating the risk of fraud and getting rid of fake cards. If the user has provided valid information, the verification process will complete successfully giving PAN activation status as an output.


The API enables you to verify PAN details faster and easier, eliminates fraud PAN cards by checking up the details with the PAN central database and returns you with PAN validation results, the full name of the cardholder and the last modified date. The API is easy to integrate and will save you a lot of time and resources.


This API can be used in such situations –

  • Digitisation of the process in organisations and institutions where PAN verification compliances are followed will result in a hassle-free experience for both the entity and the customer.
  • Identify fraud PAN numbers and get rid of fake cardholders.


The process is simple to understand and perform –

  • The PAN number given by the user is taken as input.
  • The given number is verified with the PAN central database.
  • PAN number validation result, the name of the person and the date of last modification details are given as output.

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